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Packing & Preparing For Pensacola Storage Service

Packing & Preparing For Pensacola Storage ServiceIf you are planning to move your household belongings to storage this year, you're probably starting to get the plan in mind on where to store your belongings and how to get it all there. Moving is never fun, though moving to a new place can be exciting. Maybe you're relocating for a new job or just downsizing to a smaller place. Either way, if you need a Pensacola storage service, here are some things to think about when putting the plan together.

Cover Furniture For Storage

Be sure that you don't use plastic covers to cover your furniture because it doesn't allow the materials to breathe. While it may be really tempting, especially since plastic is waterproof, it's not a good idea. Your furnishings will be vulnerable to condensation damage. Even a bed sheet is preferable to plastic furniture covers. You can also purchase padded cloth furniture covers or use blankets.

It's best to choose furniture covers that are made for the item. For instance, you can find pre-made custom fit covers at some department stores to cover beds, sofas, dining tables, chairs, and end tables. Be sure to take measurements of the piece you are covering and order the right size.

Packing Household Goods Wisely

Mark the contents of every box clearly - Don't just mark the box with the room name where the items belonged. Be sure you include a short list of items within the box as well. This really saves time later if you need to pull something important out to take home and use.

Pack same items together - When packing boxes, don't succumb to the temptation to stick some leftover item in a box full of things that aren't similar. It's better for the box to have space left in it. You don't want to be stuck searching through box after box for that TV remote or x-box cord later!

Tape the box bottoms - Don't just fold the box bottoms together and think they'll stay put. Purchase box tape and seal the box on the bottom as well as the top. This also helps to keep insects out of your stuff if there happen to be any wandering around in the storage facility.

Pack as much as possible - If something can be packed, pack it up. Sure, brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners are hard to fit in a box, so don't worry about it if it's awkward. Just pack as much as you can including microwaves, lamps, pictures, statues, artwork, and more. This helps to ensure they don't get tangled in other stuff and damaged.

Use bubble wrap - Place bubble wrap around anything breakable. Many items in your household have small parts that poke out or other features that easily break. Bubble wrap helps protect everything from nicks, chips, scratching, and breaking.

Choosing Your Pensacola Storage Service

Climate controlled storage - When you store your items in a climate controlled facility, you can store them there for an extremely long time. Heat and moisture will rot clothing, furniture, and other materials, making them useless. Mold and mildew are very common in storage facilities that don't have air cooling and circulating around inside.

Many storage services will offer other services like packing and protection service or relocation and moving service. Pensacola Moving and Storage is one such storage facility that offers all the services you might need. We also offer commercial or residential crating service, office relocation service, and climate controlled storage units.

Packing Your Storage Space

Be sure you leave room in between groups of belongings so you have space to move around later. You may need to get into the storage room at some point to rummage around for something. Furniture should be grouped together and placed near the back or along one side. You don't want to mix furniture with boxes or you'll have a hard time getting certain things out of storage.

Be sure you use the furniture covers to protect upholstery and wood. If you're going to set lamps on top of a dresser, or something similar, make sure they are wrapped too.

Rent a dolly to help you load up the store room. Or, you can purchase one and leave it in the storage unit for easy access whenever you need it. If you are moving heavy appliances into the storage room, rent an appliance dolly.

If you have questions or need Pensacola Storage Service, please call Pensacola Moving and Storage at 850-456-9913 or complete our online request form.

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